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Posted By Builder Assist on 01/30/2020

Why Safe Work Method Statement Is Important?

Why Safe Work Method Statement Is Important?

A Safe Work Method Statement that is also called SWMS is a record that outlines high-danger production work activities, hazards related to the activity, and the control measures in the area to manage those risks. Before performing any high-risk construction work, SWMS is necessary to ensure the safety and implementation of the operating methods. Most of the Australian trading and business companies are following a total of 18 high-risk construction activities, which requires SWMS preparation before staring of any project. 

There are 5 main ways to use a safe work method statement.

Break the job down

The first and foremost step is to list down the steps, logically. People should be extra careful over here to write it down in a proper way and consider what is required to successfully achieve the work. Breaking down the job mostly helps people to reduce their workload and find the right path to do it.

Determine the high-risk tasks

The second step is to determine which task involves what amount of risk with it. So people should always assign the right job to the right person, and check their risk-taking capability in advance. Always calculate the risk factor of the task before assign it to anyone. 

Plan to Control

Always think about a backup plan or a plan to control. It is the third step of SWMS. Always develop a preventive method which can control the damage. As an example, we can say- people should keep in mind what kind of safety system or equipment need to keep handy to prevent any injury.


The fourth step is to identify the responsibilities and roles to perform and make sure that the outcomes should be controlled. The provider should describe the tasks and activities to be taken under importance and done with the utmost care and safety.

Educate workers

Before pushing the workmen to the field, ensure the SWMS is fully understood by the team completely. Communicate often to keep a track of the work, and take a step immediately if get to know about any risk can be put on the team members.

Benefits of an SWMS

•It helps a lot to minimize the accidents and it has a clear course of action
• The productivity increase by consuming less time with prior experience
• Cut off the expenditure towards accidents
• Working with high safety tools and ensure the unity of the team should remain head high towards the safety goals.

It is important that the stockholders, builders and contractors remain involves in high-risk construction work, and to remain safe, Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is important. It not only protects them from all type of hazards but also ensures that they complete their work in a risk-free environment. The SWMS must be reviewed regularly to make it remain active. The reviewing process should be carried out with consulting those people who could be affected with SWMS, and their health and safety representative, who are taking care of their all medical needs.

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