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Posted By Tableau online training on 12/26/2019

What’s New the Node.js Volume 57 ?

What’s New  the Node.js Volume 57 ?

In this volume of want to Node, you can find the contemporary news at the Open.js basis, QUIC Protocol and approaches to turn out to be a higher Node.js developer in 2020.

Take a look at out this week’s want to Node to preserve updated with the ultra-modern news at the Node.js assignment, occasions, and great articles. you are constantly welcome to collaborate and participate. Please allow us to realize if we ignored a piece of content material you observed ought to be blanketed!

What’s New in the Node.js challenge?

Electron joins the OpenJS basis. The open foundation announced the open supply internet framework Electron has been generic into the muse’s incubation application. 

Electron, an open-source framework created for building desktop apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, is primarily based on Node.js and Chromium. moreover, it's far extensively used on many applications together with Discord, Microsoft groups, OpenFin, Skype, Slack, Trello, Visual Studio Code, and plenty of more - by using Rachel Romoff

New npm products and a Glimpse beforehand. 

npm announced the launch of npm seasoned, a low priced new device designed for unbiased JavaScript developers, and nicely-suited for representative work, private projects, and aspect hustles. 

They also introduced npm teams, the brand new call for the product formerly known as npm Orgs (the characteristic set remains the equal). Get in-depth knowledge for More info at NodeJS Course.

npm release: 6.thirteen.four. You ought to upgrade as quickly as feasible on all of your systems to repair a vulnerability permitting arbitrary direction get entry to.

There can be a smartphone name on Friday, December twentieth at 8 am Pacific Time to go through a QUIC PR to help move forward the PR and the Protocol.


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