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Posted By Always Prompt Repairs on 09/07/2018

Using Logo Walls as a Media Backdrop

Using Logo Walls as a Media Backdrop

The most popular type of backdrop for high-end events is media walls. They are so popular in fact that most people don’t know the other two types of event backdrops. Step and Repeat are the other backdrop you see celebrities posing in front of. These are popular for their traditional name and their rich historical background.

Logo wall backdrops are the least popular, not because they’re not used but because many people don’t know how to define them.

A logo wall backdrop will always feature a logo, and this is the easiest way to recognize one. They have similarities with both step and repeat backdrops, and media walls. Unlike the latter which has many uses, they are only used for advertisement. Another resemblance they have with media walls is that they are sturdy and feature an actual wall.

A logo wall backdrop can be used for strict product placement since the assumption is always that people won’t stand in front to take photos. The logo wall could have the logo of a company in large print similar to a large advertisement. Attendees of an event can take a photo of this instead although some people don’t mind their photos taken in front of a good quality logo wall backdrop.

Logo Walls Specifics You Should Know

Quality is everything: As a host or advertiser, you know that print quality of logos impact their visibility. Individual manufacturers have their preferences for the file type based on size. Adobe Illustrator and Vector Outline files are a favorite with many, but some manufacturers still get the job well done with JPEGs and PDF. The higher the pixel quality the clearer your ads and logos will be.

Exhibition stands Australia can be printed in any size: the most common size for a media backdrop is 8 by 4. This allows two people to take pictures although sometimes they must stand very close to each other or hug. Depending on the event you’re having, you could either order the smallest size of go for more universal sizes like 8 by 8.

Many small organizations go for the 8 by 4 logo walls and then put an extra hanging banner at another highly visible location. You’ll realize that with a media backdrop you get what you pay for, which depends on your specifications and needs. If you want your logos to pop, then you must give the designing work to a professional photographer.

Logo walls are the least expensive event backdrops, but this does not mean they are the least effective. And when a company talks of a wall it means you’ll have a hard-paneled backdrop that can withstand wind. It can be made with vinyl, cloth or other material but with a wooden frame to enable it to stand solo. The quality of the material used together with the print quality will ultimately determine how sharp the images look.

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