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Posted By on 11/22/2019

Tips on how to Qualify a Lead within a Minute

Tips on how to Qualify a Lead within a Minute

Usually, one of the greatest sources of tension between marketing and sales teams is lead quality, however with an automation system in place, you can convert contention between the two teams into the content.

By applying a lead qualification tool at the business, the marketing team can "screen" leads before they get delivered to the sales team for follow-up. This tool operates by analyzing a lead's score in tandem using a lead grade.

Marketers can utilize these scores and grades to automate the lead assignment process, to ensure that only leads who fulfill a threshold score and grade get passed on to the sales team. This means that only high-quality leads create a cut when getting allotted to sales. However, despite the potential for full automation, it's essential to involve "the human element" in the lead qualification process.

Let's state a lead has been searching the site for several days and has racked up a remarkable lead score within that time. They're in the perfect industry and meet the requirements that you and the sales team arranged when assembling the perfect prospect profile. But when you pass the lead to the sales team, you will get the following responses: regardless of the high lead score and grade, the lead is worthless to the sales team as their website doesn't support the product.

Thankfully, giving each lead a quick, check before delivering them off to the sales representatives can make sure that no lead is getting approved on that shouldn't be. The following one-minute lead qualification process:

Know the customer profile

Exceed the top rating that is placed in their prospect record by analyzing each of the requirements that you've discussed with the sales team. For example, are you handling a B2B or B2C company? How long is their sales period? Twice examining each of these objects can stop headaches down the line.

Understand the difference between attention and intent.

A glance at the prospect data can tell you what you need to understand here. Check out the lead's routines to see what they've been performing on the site. Are they checking out white papers, blog articles, and online seminars? This kind of action signifies attention in the company but does not mean that these leads are prepared to buy. Checking out the pricing page or asking for a product demo on the site, however, suggest that a lead is displaying intent. These are the hotter leads!

Ensure you're selling to the proper person.

These details can also be found in the prospect information! While a leader's report and grade might be off the graph, you don't desire to pass them along to the sales team if they are only an intern. Check out their job title to make sure they are in a place of impact before moving them off to sales.

Using these few extra ways can help make sure that the sales and marketing teams consistently come together in balance. Remember that this process will quicken with time as you discover which areas of the prospect information to glance at, and where to appear on each prospect's website.

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