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Posted By Escape Room Melbourne on 07/10/2018

Tips On Choosing The Best Escape Room

Tips On Choosing The Best Escape Room
Saying that selecting the right and the Best Escape Room Melbourne is not hard would be quite a stretch. In fact, those who never played the game before are usually very lost in the variety of options. This type of Escape Game Melbourne become popular nowadays and people these days and people just can’t get enough of it. And so the more rooms are created the more diversity in the choice we have.

Unfortunately, generally, people would just look at the difficulty level and the theme of the Escape Game Melbourne. Absolutely it’s simple to say whether you want to be in the room concept or go to Wild West. But only experienced players can tell: there is so much more to it! So here we are to tell you how to choose an escape room in order to obtain a completely new and complete experience from escaping games.

Here are some tips on finding the Best Escape Room Melbourne.

  • Who Is On Your Team?

First, you have to look at how many members you have, and the necessities of each Escape Room. Then you have to see what challenges are going to fit your team the best. For example, if you don’t have the healthiest team, you probably want to stick to mental challenges. Keep in mind all the members have to be able to have fun with the Escape Game Melbourne. Otherwise, it won’t be as fun as you expect.

Rush Escape Game
  • Deciding On A Theme

The best part of looking through the Best Escape Room Melbourne is the big list of themes available. There are very few limits as to what you can do because the themes are diverse as they are varied. You can rally a team of bank robbers if you like, or you can play heroes that have to stop a nuclear missile from launching and starting another world war.
  • Address Your Issues

This appears to be a little bit unusual, but some individuals might not appreciate the small room and the possibly locked door. For people who tend to freak out when they feel trapped, it would be best to go with a topic that doesn’t involve a locked door.
Also, think about possible boasting lighting and whether they can cause a seizure. If you have a group participant that is sensitive to excessive lights, find another Escape Room.
  • Booking Complications

In some instances, more everyone is required to fill the quota of the Best Escape Room Melbourne. Basically, you might have to try out together with a few strangers if you don’t have enough team members for a full booking. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on how you feel about it. If the idea doesn’t fit your style, do your best to book all the spots.
This guide will play a positive role in making your option of the Best Escape Room Melbourne pretty simple. After all, it's all about beneficial experience and just having fun.

Escape Game - Melbourne


So use those guidelines, information the next, or maybe your first, action, and enjoy Escape Game Melbourne! The world is waiting to be saved, and you are probably dying for some adventure.

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