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Posted By on 12/30/2019

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Apps Growing Trend In Education Industry

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Apps Growing Trend In Education Industry

From E-learning to MLearning, technology has completely converted the instructional landscape. Various new processes and equipment have come into play to make training interesting and loose from the heavy burden of books. Now, one can study on-line on advanced gadgets like Smartphones, iPads, and laptops. One can keep the critical notes on-line, post their assignments on the go, find the tutorials and read them on-line, and much more. It won’t be an exaggeration in saying that mobile technology has revolutionized the education industry, bringing the education in our pocket.

Before we begin to explore the different ways mobile apps have changed the way we learn and teach, let’s have a look at a few popular educational mobile applications available in the market:

Some of the Best M-Learning Mobile Apps


It is a ‘free to use’ Android application where you can get the material course for fundamental school subjects like Mathematics, History, Economics, Chemistry, and Physics to name a few. You can get right of entry to 10,000 videos, explanations, and step-by-step hints, almost 40,000 interactive exercise questions and much extra at your fingertips.


Learning a new language is not any extra a frightening task! Thanks to the Dulingo app, you can easily any language. You can practice your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills via the games, starting right from primary education.


GradeProof is the Best iOS mobile application to write down fluently and flawlessly. The app analyzes your paintings for grammatical errors, choice of words, phrase structure, readability and thus, helps you in sprucing your writing skills.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the proper desire for every bibliophile! It offers you access to hundreds of thousands of books and popular magazines that you could ready anytime from your device. Also, it has a built-in dictionary so you can easily lookup for a specific word while analyzing; you want not to destroy your studying flow and rush for a dictionary.

Contribution of Mobile Apps to the Education Industry

Now without making an ado, let’s discuss how mobile application development is integrating with the education domain to provide better opportunities to the users.

 “Mobile packages have a splendid influence on the education sector. At present, 53% of programs inside the app stores are associated with the Education industry, and this quantity is expected to outgrow within the coming years.”

Within the classroom or outside it, apps are practiced to provide higher efficiency and fun in learning or teaching. They are rendering an ample of benefits to both students, and teaching institutions. Some of the well-recognized advantages of m-Learning are

  • Easier Access to Education

The mobile Apps have taken the getting to know to the following level! With programs, you will get access to the studying materials and much more every time and anywhere. This has helped diverse folks that desire to pursue their studies however wasn’t capable of doing so due to their daily schedule. Now, they are able to have lectures and study every time they get time. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Reduced Learning Costs

Thanks to the learning application developers, higher-exceptional education is not a legacy of rich people. You want no longer pay a hefty amount in the institutions or buy loads of notebooks, books, and different materials- all you need is a device, an internet connection and an ardor to study.

  • Limitless learning

The most interesting factor about the use of Mobile Apps for education is that you can Learn as Much as you want; your training isn't always restricted to the content written for your Facility. With this facility, you can easily learn and beautify your skills in a particular field, and thus, look ahead to a brighter future.

  • Better Student Engagement
“According to a source, 99% of students believe the mobile apps enhanced their learning, and 100% admitted they would go for more training, if available in a mobile format.”

Textbook learning has become history! Now, the students can study from the audio-video media and visualize the whole concept. This boosts up the student’s interest and helps them to understand and retain the whole concept at a faster pace. According to our experts, advanced technologies like AR and VR are also playing a considerable role in this field. The impact of mLearning is so significant that many schools and educational institutions have already begun hiring the best mobile app development companies to take advantage of this transformation.

  • Better Collaboration between Students and Teachers

Not just for students, various mobile applications have been designed to help the teachers and institutions in providing the best of their knowledge hassle-free.

 For example, TeacherKit is an awesome application empowering teachers to without difficulty hold a track of various things like overall performance assessment, attendance, and grading. Moreover, they can without difficulty percentage records approximately an event or marketing campaign with the scholars effortlessly. In addition to this, programs like Evernote and Dropbox allow the lecturers and college students to easily make notes/mission and proportion them.

Wrapping Up!

From the aforementioned benefits, it would be clear to you why the educational mobile apps are becoming a hype in the present era and what would be the future or learning sphere. If you still have any questions unanswered, drop a comment below! We’ll be happy to answer them. Besides this, if you belong to the Education industry and are interested in learning app development, contact us! We have a vast experience in building innovation, fully-functional Android and iOS apps for the education industry. You can trust our development team for providing the best tool to your institute; for taking your institute to the next level!

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