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Posted By Gold Coast Tree Stump Removal & Services - Touch Wood Trees Pty Ltd on 09/19/2019

The reason why you need Tree Stump Removal Gold Coast service

The reason why you need Tree Stump Removal Gold Coast service

The presence of a stump on your property is probably not a reason to sound the alarm, but there are terrible issues that could happen if you continue overlooking it. Once you cut down a tree, the stump stays, and you believe it is harmless. Well, sad to say this but you're incorrect. Apart from creating an unsightly yard appearance, there are more important reasons why stumps need to be removed from your property, and this article will try to convince you to hire the best tree stump removal Gold Coast service to carry out the hard work on your behalf.

Injury Issue

The liability issue is the primary reason why stump removal is incredibly essential. There is no arguing that kids love to play and run as fast as they could outdoors and if ever there is an existing stump in your yard, there exists a huge possibility that these children can get severe injuries after failing to notice the stump. Not only the children but anybody moving around your yard particularly at night time can trip over the roots growing out the stump or in the soil around it that settled and left depressions in the ground. Also, if you are hosting a yard party, it is not perfect that you have stumps since your guest may get injured after failing to notice the stump on their way. And the most problematic part is you will be liable with all the injury problems that the stump in your property has done. Therefore, don't think hard and remove the stumps in your property instantly.

Unwanted Tree Growth

If you keep the stump in your property, undeniably, it can generate new tree growth. Although you successfully trim down the tree, its roots below the ground are not yet lifeless; as a result, it will continuously expand and will eventually damage your yard, concrete, sewer lines, and other neighboring constructions. This new expansion will collect|get nutrients from the ground causing not only the lawn but also the rest of the surrounding plant life to suffer. The grass is the plant life which is most vulnerable to the issues a result of ongoing growth. Even if how many times you water the lawn; it will eventually pass on because the new growth is the one who is absorbing the water and not the grass anymore. Over time, the grass will disappear because of lack of nutrition and water leaving your yard unattractive.

Pest Attack

Pests like carpenter ants along with termites can create huge damage on your property. Unfortunately, the pests might find the tree stump attractive. They love to live in stumps and eventually will shift to your home once they already grew too large in number. Tree stumps are certainly more at risk of disease and attacks as compared to live trees, and if not treated instantly, it may infect the other live plants in your property. If you want to avoid the possibility of pest attack, hire the best tree stump removal Gold Coast service sooner than later.

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