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Posted By Roman PTE Melbourne on 10/20/2018

Take the PTE Exam, Increase your chances of getting an Australian Visa

The prospect of moving to Australia, whether for study or work, is very exciting. But like with most countries abroad, getting a VISA can be an uphill task. So naturally you’ll want to do anything and everything possible to improve your chances of being granted one. Enter the Pearson Academic Test.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and the Australian Immigration board have recently adopted a new method of granting visa for students as well as those seeking permanent residency. The board now requires applicants to take and pass the PTE academic to prove their proficiency in the English language.

Why PTE Test?

Australia has joined many other English speaking countries that conduct the PTE Academic tests or other English language proficiency tests to assess the language skills of applicants. The PTE academic test can be taken online and results given electronically.

This test is ideal for testing applicants because of its structure. It has three main sections; speaking and reading, listening and writing. The total time it takes to complete the exam is three hours, with an allowance of 10 minutes breaks between the sections.

Results for this test are also given for every section. This makes it easy for an applicant to review their performance and if they didn't pass the exam they can try again after making corrections for the exam.

The immigration board uses the scores of the PTE test to grant visa for those applying to work in private organizations, those who seek to pursue foreign ventures like study and those looking to be permanent residents. The listening skills test will prove to the board that you can corporate and can understand the laws of the land when explained to.

Although this is not the only method used to grant one a visa, taking and scoring highly on your PTE academic test will improve your odds greatly. The minimum requirement by the board of immigration is to score 30 while the maximum score that can be obtained is 90. The system will rank you as competent when you have a score of 50 and above in every section of the exam.

How to Get a Good Score on Your PTE Exam for Australian Visa

The biggest mistake that VISA applicants make when it comes to language tests is to book before they’re prepared. PTE booking that’s done hurriedly can lead to frustration after you score poorly on the exam.

If you’ve decided to take this language test, get sufficient resources and learn about the test. Know the testing format, take mock exams and even take classes if you must. Treat the PTE test with the importance it deserves as this is the only certain way of passing your exam.

One more thing, there are many sites online that offer PTE booking. Not all the sites are in your best interest. It’s therefore important to do your homework well and know who to trust online.

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