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Posted By Sensor Measurement Pty Ltd on 10/16/2018

Some Important Sensors Found in Everyday Application

It is quite rare to find modern applications and gadgets that don’t have one sensor or the other. You may not see them with the naked eye as they are often placed inside the engine and some of them like Thermocouples are quite small depending on the design framework and the size of the gadget. From television sets to computers, pumping and drilling machines to steam engines, sensors are an ever present mechanical piece in every device and application in use today. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the common sensors found in modern applications.

Photo-Electric Sensors: These types of sensors are used in measuring the distance, presence or absence of a particular object using a light transmitter. In certain applications, collision of hardware implements can lead to system distortions, crashes or complete damage. A photo electric transmitter emits a light beam from its emitting element when it is activated.

Capacity Proximity Sensors: Detects objects using a system of electromagnetic light, sound and fields without physical contact with any other physical element in the system.

Flow Switches: Flow switches are commonly found in applications working with fluid and gaseous elements. They monitor the inflow and outflow of air, liquid or steam in an operating system by sending signals to another device called a pump. It indicates when the pump should turn on or shut off. Flow switches are used for pump protection, system alarms and cooling circuit applications.

Pressure Sensors and Gauges: Are used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids similar to flow switches. They act as transducers by generating a specific signal when a pressure form is imposed. These sensors are used to control and monitor signals in many everyday applications in private and commercial ventures.

Laser Distance Sensor: Laser sensors are used to detect and measure the distance between nearby objects without any form of contact. They also emit electromagnetic beams or fields of radiation and seeks out changes in such fields.

Thermocouples: These types of sensors measure temperature using two different electrical conductors by providing a voltage and using the voltage provided to measure the degree of changes in temperature in the operating system.

Rotary EncodersThere are two types of sensors. Rotary sensors are mechanical devices used in converting the angular motion or position of an axle or shaft to a digital or analog output signal. Rotaries are used in different applications for controlling and monitoring such as in mechanical systems, photographic lenses, robotics and computer applications. Linear encoders are a bit similar with a slight difference. They act as sensors or transducers for position encoding. Linear encoders read the scale and converts the positions into digital and analog signals which is eventually decoded into a digital motion or readout.

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