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Posted By on 12/24/2019

SEO in Sweden - what’s the opportunity in Sweden?

SEO in Sweden - what’s the opportunity in Sweden?

According to report, 98% of Swedish people regularly search on the internet and 99% of office spaces are connected to the network. However, the group that is unwilling to utilize the discussed medium are persons between 75 and 85 years old. The Swedes enjoy one of the speediest internet connections, and the Internet has come at their homes much before in most European countries. It’s also value bringing up that Swedes are noticeably far more desperate to speak English than the clients from Eastern Europe. Keep it in mind while selecting the SEO model in that country, as their capability to communicate in English will surely impact their browsing the internet.

SEO in Sweden

Sweden is a country loyal to the Google search engine - nearly 97% of people there utilize the website. The next place associates with the Bing search engine. Promotions are generally depending on onsite and offsite SEO and Web Development. Swedish companies depend only on trusted strategies and long-term operations. What’s more, Swedes are rather unwilling to apply innovative solutions with regards to SEO - for them, it’s still a relatively new branch of business. Thinking why? The reason why they’re so bored with the SEO process is rather prosaic. Initially, in Sweden link building was accepted as an unlawful task and the try to tame the market took many years.

Things to consider when running SEO in Sweden?

Swedish spoken by a comparatively few numbers of people, thus, when indexing website pages, Google robots won’t manage to find as many errors, such as English, even if the text, was prepared very badly. For that reason, making new channels doesn’t require local speakers. With regards to the most used websites in the country, more than 4.4 million people use Twitter and facebook is second in the search positions. The Swedes search for services or products 50 million times daily, which provides a result of 100 trillion searches monthly. Today, particularly small and medium-sized businesses apply optimization techniques. When running SEO, business owners eagerly select their local language although Danish, Norwegian and Polish are becoming similarly popular.

What challenges can you experience in the Swedish SEO market?

The fact is, the issues caused by the language barrier is probably not the greatest challenge for an SEO company in Sweden. Different issues can be experienced much earlier as SERP for the .se websites isn’t prioritized as much as regarding the British or American ones. In this situation, other market analysis applications should be applied. The Swedish companies also have to battle with a comparatively small price range; often it’s even up to 7 times less than in Western European countries.

How to successfully run SEO for your business?

Do not forget that any marketplace disadvantage can be rapidly changed into an advantage. Lack of visitors or too little focus on customers’ requirements enables reaching the prospective group faster and more effectively. As it’s been mentioned previously, Sweden remains a little skeptical with regards to SEO, therefore the strategies used there are often a little out-of-date. Contrary to what you may consider now, this kind of solution can do more benefit than harm. SEO experts can take advantage of strategies proven in the West to avoid making mistakes caused by experimenting with new options while running worldwide SEO.

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