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Posted By Asset Protection Building Inspections on 11/27/2019

Roof painting

Roof painting

The roof restoration process basically involves the cleaning, repairing, re-sealing & re-painting, re-coloring of concrete roofing tiles. Call: 0893061656.

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Welcome to Powerdrive Roofing

Priding ourselves on quality workmanship & service, Powerdrive Roofing have been providing services direct to the homeowner for many years, understanding our customer's needs along with delivering on our commitments has helped us become a leader in the Roof Restoration & Roof Replacement industry in Perth.

Our philosophy has always been to be open & honest with our customers, giving them an understanding of the services they we deliver and what they should expect from the jobs we undertake. We also inform clients of what they won’t get & why they won’t get it, this way our customers can make their decision based on facts, not sales jargon.

If you are having your roof tiles cleaned & or re-coated, it is extremely important to ensure that your roof is inspected & any repairs that may be required are addressed at that time.

Even if you are not cleaning or re-coating, it is always a good idea to have a professional inspect your roof to see if there are any repairs needed. Just because you can’t see a leak coming into your home or building it does not mean that you don’t have a leak or roof damage. It’s simple, just contact Powerdrive Roofing & make a time for your free inspection.

Roof Restorations Perth

The Roof Restoration process basically involves the Cleaning – Repairing – Re-sealing & Re-Painting / Re-Colouring of Concrete roofing tiles. Faded Colourbond roofs & un-glazed Terracotta roofs may also benefit from this application.

For Concrete roof tiles, the Roof Restoration process is designed to stop or slow the process of roof tile surface deterioration. After a few Years from being installed,

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Call us:- 0893061656

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Perth, Australia.

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