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Posted By Adesa Services on 10/30/2018

Mezzanine Floor Installation in Australia: Do You Need Permission?

There are many concerns with the installation of mezzanine floors for sale. The first trepidation for most people is whether there’s special permission needed to add a mezzanine floor on a building in Australia.

It’s only normal for one to worry about planning and construction permission as this can determine how soon the project starts and how quick it ends. Moreover, permissions can also mean added expenses for architect drawings, document fees and others. This post will discuss all your worries in regards to planning permission for mezzanine floors in Perth.

When do you need permission to install Mezzanine?

In most cases there’s no need for obtaining any kind of permission to install a mezzanine in your building. Mezzanine floors for sale are installed in the interior of an existing property and therefore have no visual impact on passersby or neighbors. There are also no structural changes needed for their construction and rarely are there complaints or issues like with regular building.

Property owners who seek a solution for space needs in their building can avoid the expense and hassle of getting planning permission to erect a building by installing mezzanine floors.

There are a few exceptions for the permission requirement in the construction of mezzanine. The first one is kind of a legal glitch so it’s best to consult reputable mezzanine vendors in Perth for advice. If the building has a parking facility that you share with or belongs to the council, then you must ask them for permission for mezzanine floor installation.

You also need permission if the building is rented. The agreement for renting in most cases state that you shouldn’t make any changes to the building. Although installation of a mezzanine floor is reversible, it’s cautious to confirm with your landlord that they’re okay with it.

A one hour fire rating is required for mezzanine floors that are 400m2 or larger, occupy more than 50 percent of the room, and is used for purposes other than storage. Further, if the floor will host more than 3 people working in it then it must be certified for fire rating. The process of getting fire rating is easy, and usually your stuff can help in carrying it out.

While most mezzanine floors for sale can be installed without planning permission, you must obtain a building regulation approval. This entails the design of the floor, which must conform to building standards in your area.

There are unlimited applications to mezzanine floors including supermarkets, industries, concert venues, churches and homes among others. Protect your investment by purchasing your mezzanine from a reputable vendor, who can also assist with the installation and offer advice on other areas like flooring.

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