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Posted By on 09/04/2018

Mezzanine Floor Construction Facts You Should Know

Mezzanine flooring system have become a great option for businesses to increase space without going through the process of construction. This type of roof is ideal for many spaces including shops, offices and industrial setup.

The most popular mezzanine floors for sale is steel followed by aluminum and fiberglass. The high roof of shops and industrial facilities are ideal for this floor due to their high ceiling. The unused space in these buildings allow for the vertical space to be put into good use. Mezzanine floor design for these facilities are shelf supported, rack-supported, roll formed or structural which allow the floor to be used for storage.

Mezzanine floors can also be used for domestic units, offices and retail store. They are light weight and easy to construct. Most businesses will construct two levels of mezzanine floors, the first to use for storage and the other as an office.

When mezzanine floors are built in a factory or warehouse environment, steel or composite partitions can usually be used to give a perfect office environment. The versatility of any mezzanine floors for sale allows for additions like toilets and other necessities to be added to the floor.

In stores, mezzanines can be added for extra storage and selling space. There are stringent regulations requiring mezzanine floors installed for this purpose to have a hand rail, safe stairs for public use and most importantly they must be fire rated. Here are tips to help you get your mezzanine floor installation done correctly.

Get the regulations and permissions needed

In Perth, like in most cities, you may not need a separate building permission to install a mezzanine floor, but there are other building regulations you must meet. For instance the material used in constructing staircases should be of a certain tread. There are also features for fire safety like fire walls, sprinkler system and smoke detectors and others that you need to abide with.

Be Keen on Design and Safety

When it comes to mezzanine floors, everything starts and ends with design. Take note of the height of the ceiling, and ensure that the parameters you come up with not only make use of the space available but also cover safety. Handrails and staircases are ancillaries that offer great aesthetics to your building while promoting safety.

Still on safety, mezzanine floors can be uncomfortably hot when temperatures arise. It’s recommended that you install insulators and generally have proper ventilation so that the heat can be controlled. Customers and workers using the mezzanine floor can become ill just because of lack of proper ventilation.

Get a knowledgeable contractor

You’ll have plenty of options for mezzanine floors Perth to select from. Get a contractor who has knowledge of different floor options and designs. Particle board, durbar plate and Welded gratings are the popular for mezzanine construction in industrial applications. For domestic use you may go with more aesthetic options like marble or tiles.

Other considerations to make before installing your mezzanine floors include the lighting and the furniture, which is best when light.

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