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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 10/03/2018

Learn Digital Marketing from Cartoons

Those of you who have toddlers probably spend a lot of time watching cartoons. If you do, then you may or may have not discovered the striking similarity in how children behave with cartoons and how adults behave with websites.

Experts at a Digital marketing agency Perth discovered that kids have a preference for cartoon with low level of content, easy to understand and with slow moving images. Websites are very similar in that when they are easy to understand and navigate with low levels of content with static images they perform better.

As soon as a web user becomes confused by what they are looking at they simply leave. The web marketing company Perth, people pour thousands of dollars into generating traffic and sending them to landing pages that are not fit for purpose, often text heavy with banners flashing offering this and that with no clear and concise process that a customer can naturally follow to conversion.

Typical conversion rate is between 1 and 2 percent so that means for every 400 visits you might get 8 conversions or sales. If you increase the conversion rate by just 0.5% you would have an extra two customers.

Things that require little thought like booking a room require very simple booking processes, price/book. More complex offerings will require the option to go deeper with more content, explainer videos are a nice way to simplify in that case.

A popular mantra for web marketing is “simple sells better online”. Where there is friction in any part of the customer journey you will see people leaving the site.

So how do you make your website a “popular cartoon?” Digital marketing agency Perth says the first step is to find out what the pain points are on your website and solve them. In many cases the clues are in your analytics with exit rates, low levels of engagement or time on page and ultimately poor conversion or sales.

Your websites analytics will allow you to very quickly identify the top converting pages and allow you to see the top five things visitors do on your site. You can then make that content or task more accessible to your customers while allowing everything else to fall away.

The result will be happier customers, who in turn enjoy the experience on your site as it allows them to complete the very reason they are there in the first place in the fastest and most efficient way possible. And if you don’t know how to go about this, a reputable web marketing company Perth can come in handy.

The key to online experience is not copying your competitors, all that will end in is you being second best and the difference between first and second in terms of market share is vast. The key is to offer something different and make that process whatever it is as intuitive and frictionless as possible, make it so easy a kid will understand and then you will be successful.

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