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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 06/13/2020

Kubota Excavators: The Popular Choice Within The Construction Industry

Kubota Excavators: The Popular Choice Within The Construction Industry

With such a large part of Australia based around construction, and a multitude of international companies entering the marketplace from all over the globe, the only way to really tell the popularity of equipment is to take a look at rental figures.

The reason for this is that the vast majority of equipment used in construction is not owned by companies, but rather leased or rented to them on a short, long or semi-permanent basis. Rental figures can also greatly assist in determining the health of the construction industry in the economy as a whole. By tracking how many companies rent excavators or tower cranes over a set period of time, a picture clearly emerges when construction demand is rising or slowing.

These figures have proven so useful, that even governments and economists use these figures as an indicator more than any other indicator.

Of course, when it comes to individual equipment brands, this is also a great way to tell what the most trusted equipment is in the marketplace.

Recent figures show that the vast majority of mini, small and mid-sized excavators offered for rent in Australia recently have been Kubota brand equipment. Kubota has always been popular, however in the last 10 years their popularity has been on a steady rise within Australia.

The primary reason so many Kubota’s are used in construction is simply down to the fact they are considered some of the most reliable excavators to own, maintain and hire. The most important factor in any excavator hire purchase is the fact equipment is delivered on time and remains reliable, something Kubota excels at.

Kubota is a Japanese company based in Osaka Japan, and has existed since 1890, the company first began producing construction equipment in 1953. They are also an extremely trusted brand of Tractors in the farming industry, with popularity in this field still steadily rising year on year.

The reliability of Kubota products come from its long history as an engine producer for industry and machinery, Kubota has produced engines since 1922 and has been considered to produce some of the highest quality and most reliable engines ever since.

Kubota currently produces two variants of excavator style, the U Series and the KX series. KX series has a range of 7 excavators in total and is characterised by their conventional swing design. The U series has a range of 6 excavators and is characterised by its zero tail swing features.

Full details on the Kubota excavator range can be found on their website.

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