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Posted By Qld Recyclers on 08/16/2019

Just What Factors Into The Value Of Your Used Car?

Just What Factors Into The Value Of Your Used Car?

When you think about selling your vehicle the important thing, what is the resale value of a vehicle? So many factors can influence resale value and if you compare the value. You will able to get the maximum money for your car before purchasing a new car or selling a trade-in vehicle.

5 Factors That Affect the Trade in Value of Your Vehicle:


The Brand of your car can affect the resale value of your used car. Some vehicles are referred to for fastly devaluing in value as soon as you drive off the lot, is your vehicle one of them? Honda, Toyota, and Subaru at the top in the mass-market for holding higher resale value While Audi, BMW or Mercedes fare the best in terms of luxury brands. Qualities shift, yet these brands can keep somewhere in the range of 45-60% of their value in the initial three years of proprietorship compared with 35% for different brands in a similar value of time.

Special Features & Upgrades

Is your vehicle tricks out with the special features and Upgrades? Like Supercharger kits, custom rims, high- end sterous or some other accessories you include could wind up costing you profoundly. Future trade-in vehicle purchasers could be worried about high upkeep costs in addition to warranty coverage or lackthereof. Our recommendation: Steer clear of Special Features, particularly those that adjust powertrain or safety equipment.

Exterior Condition

Don't think over about any damage to the exterior of a trade-in vehicle, anyway slight, negatively affects the value of a trade-in vehicle. In case you're considering selling a trade-in vehicle.  It's a good thought to get the car expertly washed.  Repair all dents and dings or get a detail/paint all work increase the value of your trade-in vehicle.  Another tip: Remove all stickers like old bumper stickers!

Interior Condition

If your car interior is well clean and well kept, people will be showing more interest to buy your car. But If your vehicle has an unwanted odour, it's not clean or looks like you eat/drink/sleep/live in it. They do not show the buying the interest of your car, and it's a hard time to getting the maximum value you want for your vehicle.

Mechanical Condition

keep your vehicle in good working condition by getting it regularly serviced if you have kept a record of the timely routine of repairs/maintenance. Prospective Purchasers can see that it has been appropriately cared for, which could build the estimation of your trade-in vehicle.


Fewer miles normally mean higher resale esteems. Your trade-in vehicle may be in mint condition. However, do not be shocked in case you are not getting the money you want for your car. If fewer purchasers are intrigued If you have 200,000+ miles on your vehicle.

If you need a quick and helpful approach to sell your car, why not try Qld Car Recyclers Brisbane? We are trying our customers to get the highest value when selling a trade-in vehicle and can save you valuable time. We provide a free valuation of your vehicle. We buy any vehicle or any make or models. You can simply call us our team will come to your location and remove your used vehicle.

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