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Posted By on 07/25/2018

Improve Your Security with Security Fencing Perth

You know, sometimes, all it takes is installing security fencing around your home to deter thieves.  The same goes for your business.  Just the site of another time-consuming barrier might make a potential thief stop and think twice before they try to break into your home or business.  That is because the potential thief does not want to get caught and, with every security measure you take, the chances increase just a little more that the thief will get caught.  That being said, maybe it is time for you to start seriously considering the type of security fencing Western Australia that you want to invest in.

Any security fencing will help improve the security for your property but, there are different styles of fencing that are all built differently and offer a different look for your property.  For example, chainmesh, link mesh, and weldmesh fencing are all constructed from heavy gauge metal wire that is woven together in a given arrangement.  This wire can be coated with different colors of PVC for a more personal look and, there are variations in appearance between weldmesh and link mesh fencing.

On the other hand, garrison fencing and palisade fencing are constructed with heavy metal poles and crossbars rather than wire.  To give you a better idea – garrison and palisade fencing are built from a series of metal poles placed vertically fairly close together and supported by metal strips that are placed horizontally behind the poles.

As far as which style of security fencing Perth to choose, that really is a personal decision.  It depends on your taste, purpose and budget.  For me, I would probably choose palisade fencing or garrison fencing.  There are a couple of reasons for this:  1. Palisade fencing especially is more attractive to me than traditional chainmesh fencing; and 2. I think palisade and garrison fencing are more secure because nobody can wiggle under or squeeze through it and, it will take a lot more than wire snips to cut through it.  Again, this is just my opinion, however, I suspect that garrison and palisade fencing are more expensive than link mesh or weldmesh fencing because they require more material and labor to manufacture and install.

There are other things you can do to improve the security around your property as well.  Strategically placed lighting coupled with security fencing Western Australia is a sure fire combination for deterring all but the most determined of thieves and vandals!  You add a good alarm system and card-lock gates to that combination and, you are all set – safe and secure!

Having security fencing installed -whether it is weldmesh, link mesh, or garrison fencing – really is an investment in your life and your future.  It will help protect you and your family from harm, and it will protect your hard-won assets a lot better than taking no security measures.  And, let's face it, nobody wants to lose everything they own to a thief!

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