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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 01/28/2020

How to Keep a Check on Finance While Travelling?

How to Keep a Check on Finance While Travelling?

Who does not love to travel? Exploring a new country or city is an exciting experience. You come across different cultures, ethnicities, and mouth-watering cuisines. It is more like an opportunity to escape from routine life while bestowing a break to yourself. 

Despite excitement levels touching the sky, people worry about managing their finances. After all, there are many expenses on board, hotel expenses, travel, shopping, and food. At the same time, no one can afford to go out of budget. So, rather than boosting your stress levels, take a look below. Here are some tips on how to keep a check on finance while travelling.

Gather up Credit & Debit Cards 

You never know what adventures life holds for you. After all, everything does not go as planned. What if your card gets stuck in the ATM? You do not have to ruin your entire trip by making rounds at the banks. Thus, it is always recommended that you carry multiple cards. It can save you from a lot of chaos and trouble.

Moreover, if you are thinking of using credit for your entire journey, then you need to prepare for it beforehand. Head over to your bank, take a dig at your credit score and wait for your financial advisor’s consent. However, it is preferable to pinch pennies rather than drowning your head into credit.

What if your card gets blocked? It would be nothing less than a nightmare. Well, this is the reason why you need to inform your bank before stepping out of the country. Usually, if banks do not know, they end up blocking the cards considering your account is hacked. Thus, make a call to inform them where you are going and when you will return. Also, here is where your other cards would come to rescue.

Stick to your Budget

You cannot go back empty-handed since a lot of bills are waiting to welcome you. Hence, the wiser decision is to stick to your budget. You might crave exotic handbags and branded clothes, but you have to turn heads away if the budget is giving red signals.

Even though many people create realistic budgets, they still end up swiping their credit cards often. Well, in this case, you are opening doors for some serious financial constraints back home. So, at the time of determining your budget, allocate money for everything – food, shopping, and travel. Once you have noted down everything, there is no going back. Besides, you can easily keep a check once everything is doing as planned.

Get the Hang of Internet Banking

This is a digital world of gadgets. Everyone owns smartphones that have changed the way on how things work. These days everything is just some clicks away. So, rather than travelling from one place to another, you can get things done by just tapping your fingers. Similarly, you can foot bills for everything through internet banking.

Many people do not like the idea of carrying heaps of cash. No worries, you only have to equip yourself with internet banking, allowing you to pay for advance hotel bookings even. You might worry about bills and payments, but you have got an option of automated bill payments. The bank would automatically deduct money for your utility bills and other payments right on time.

Besides, it can help you in transferring money from one bank to another too. So, the moment you see ‘insufficient funds’ rather than getting distressed, you know what to do. Hence, leave all the worries aside and enjoy to the fullest.

Track your Expenses

Exploring different places while travelling on roads can be super amazing. At the same time, you are coughing up some money too. Alongside spending on food, you might have bought something like a piece of memory. Well, how about you start pinning down everything in your planner or a diary? It would help you keep a proper check-in balance on finances.

Many people run out of cash just after two days of their trip. Of course, because they were not cognizant and ended up misspending. Thus, knowing how much you have spent and how much more you can, make things simpler for you. Rather than thinking the whole night about going sky diving or not, just take a dig on your list to check whether your budget permits you or not.

Similarly, not just the expenses, you also have to keep a check-in balance on your withdrawals. After all, you should know how much cash is available and how much you have spent.

Carry Some Cash 

Many people are clumsy and careless when it comes to handling things. Thus, they stay far away from the whole idea of even carrying cash. Sometimes, ATM machines are out of cash too. It is very important to have some cash in hand at all times. Even if you do not want to use it, just keep it as an emergency fund.

However, if you worry about losing it, then here is a tip. Do not keep all the cash at one place, put some in your handbag, wallet, and luggage. So, in case you lose your wallet, you still will not run out of money. Carrying some cash can help you escape the unnecessary ATM charges too. Also, you can keep a check on finances properly when the money is in your hands.

Benefit from Technology

Do not you think making lists with a pen and paper is too last year? Well, people still find it convenient and satisfying, but if you are a technology freak, then feel free to bring the essence of technology to keep a check on your finances. Surprisingly, rather than listing details on notes, there are some amazing travel apps. 

All these travel apps help in tracking finances while becoming your virtual travel guide. To talk about a few, the best ones are TrabeePocket, Spent, and Trail Wallet. They come with overwhelming features, you have to begin by pinning your travel location, and they would do the rest. You would instantly get sight of the option to insert budgets and add expenses.

The moment you misspend, they will notify you about going over budget if you are sceptical about the exchange rates. All these apps have built-in systems that automatically adjust the exchange rate.


Everyone wants to make their trip as memorable as possible without worrying about big and small things. Many people do run out of budget while travelling and end up using their credit. Well, you do not want repayments knocking your door even before you reach home. Thus, have a look above for some tips on how to keep a check on finance while travelling. 


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