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Posted By on 01/01/2020

How To Clean A Persian Rug

How To Clean A Persian Rug

A Persian rug is a very delicate kind of a rug that is used to decorate the house. The Persian rug is made of very delicate material which makes it hard to wash with any harsh detergent. Not every method is applicable when it comes to clean a Persian rugSo, special treatment is required for cleaning this kind of rugs or carpets. Generally, you can clean it up with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Or you can DIY some home remedies if your rug has got some stain from food.

Clean the rug professionally

Generally, you need to keep your rug safe from getting any kind of food stain. Sometimes we are too careless to treat a good Persian rug and greasy food or beverage fall on it. So to get rid of it, you can simply wash it with shampoo water solution or use any DIY technique to remove the stain. But it is better to get it professionally done to clean a Persian rugAnd get it professionally washed, must look for a professional cleaner. Rug Cleaners Sydney is one of the best cleaners when it comes to professional cleaning as they use all the new kind of cleansing method to clean a delicate rug like that of a Persian rug. 

Different methods to clean a Persian rug

Among so many different types of rug cleaning methods, some of them are very famous and effective. 

Dry cleaning method

This is one of the most popular cleaning methods when it comes to clean a Persian rug. In this method detergent of cleansing agent, the solution is sprinkled all over the rug. Then with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner, the detergent solution is extracted from the rug. The detergent goes the town into the corners of the rug and attracts the dirt and grimes. That’s why when the vacuum is being used it also attracts that dirt from the carpet.

Steaming method

In this method, the detergent solution is sprinkled all over the rug along with some water. And then with the help of a very powerful vacuum cleaner, the solution of water and detergent is extracted from the carpet. Rug Cleaners Sydney is well equipped with awful vacuum cleaners and detergent that are best for this kind of delicate materials.

The hybrid method

This method is the habit phone of the shampooing method and dry cleaning method. In this method, the rug is semi-wet with water and detergent solution and with the help of a vacuum cleaner the rug is cleaned and then it needs to be dried down.

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