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Posted By Drymaster Carpet Cleaning on 07/23/2018

Give Your Rug Some Gentle Love

Give Your Rug Some Gentle Love

Please don’t try to wash it yourself.

Even small area rugs tend to shrink and lose shape if they are cleaned using a washing machine and dryer.  You don’t want all the time and money you spent finding the perfect rug to compliment your room go to waste just because you don’t want to spend the money or take the time to have it done correctly.

Just like carpeting, area rugs trap dirt, bacteria, and allergens over time and therefore require regular cleaning.  Vacuuming on a regular basis helps, but if it has a high pile or is a very delicate rug, vacuuming may not be sufficient.

There are several different services you can get for rug cleaning in Brisbane.  The type of cleansing you decide to order will depend greatly on the kind of rug you own.

Ordinary area rugs, regardless of size and material, can be cleaned by professionals right in your home.  In fact, most of the services for rug cleaning Brisbane are the same businesses that handle carpets and other flooring.  This traditional method of washing will be exactly the same they use for other floor coverings, but they may use smaller, portable equipment in these cases.

The procedures involve the use of a pretreatment spray, and most likely steam cleaning, as that is the most popular form of washing carpets and rugs today.  With steam cleaning, they will be able to get it spotless quickly, and you can walk on it immediately after they finish.

If your rug, though, is oriental, very delicate, or very expensive and you don’t want to trust it to the same cleaning methods used for sturdier floor coverings, there is another option.  This other method cannot be done on site, so the company will pick up your rug and take it to a facility where they have the specialized tools and equipment to clean your heirloom gently and thoroughly.

This service will be more expensive and will definitely take longer, but if you spent a lot of money on your décor, or if it is an old family heirloom, it is worth the extra cost and patience.  Having this done on a regular basis helps refresh your room and keeps the colors vibrant longer.

When they get your rug back to the facility, they start with an inspection to look for any stained areas, and any damage that might require repairs or might be more susceptible to damage during the cleaning process.

They then vacuum and feed the rug into a “dusting” machine that uses gentle agitation to shake out any remaining dust and debris.  From there the rug goes into a giant washing tub that uses a circular rotating tube to keep the entire piece moving slowly through the soapy water.

After a rinse, the team treats the surface with a gentle cleansing agent to help any stubborn stains dissolve further.  It gets rolled up and put into a centrifuge to release any remaining particles.  

Typically, these companies will let your rug air dry by unrolling it and laying it in a large, open space.  Air drying prevents any shrinking, shifting of fibers or shape, and does not cause distress to the dyes.

When the process is complete, they roll it up, cover it with a secure plastic wrap, and deliver it right to your front door.

So, rug cleaning Sydney is not at all difficult once you know your options and understand which is best for your home décor.

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