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Posted By on 09/06/2018

Garrison Security Fencing - Is It Right For You

The most common question when it comes to security fencing is “is this type of fencing right for me?” Right is general when you’re thinking of increasing the security of a property. A fencing can be right because it if affordable, or right because it is durable, or right because it is popular.

So is garrison fencing right for you? Well this fence is made of incredibly sturdy tubular steel that is difficult to trespass. The amount of security it offers can be increased further by adding aggressive edges that are risky to climb.

Garrison is one of the toughest fencing options on the market. They are generally more durable (almost always last a lifetime) and are easy to maintain. When powder-coated, the fence can suit almost any type of landscape or building.

This is a premium perimeter solution and will cost you more than the other options. The price is, however, worth it considering the attractiveness of this type of fence. Whether you need a security fence for an industrial, commercial or domestic property, garrison is here for you.

Advantages of Garrison Security Fencing

High Security: Not only is this fencing rigid, it’s also hard to climb. If ever a trespasser thought they can cut through the fence you will be sure to catch them before they are even an inch in. you can add invisible electric wires before putting coating on the fence. When anyone tried to cut or break the fence you will be immediately alerted.

Extremely Durable: If you’re looking for a fencing solution that doesn’t bend to rust or harsh weather conditions, you can’t go wrong with garrison.

Attractive: By far this is one of the most aesthetic fencing solutions on the market. The black standard finish is perfect for most venues and it can also be powder coated in varying colors to achieve a look that best defines your premise.

Is Garrison the right fencing solution for every property?

While garrison is a premium quality fencing solution, it’s not versatile. To start with it comes in only three heights: 1800 mm, 2400 mm and standard (2100mm). It is also quit rigid and cannot bend over external blocks such as trees. Palisade fencing is generally not recommended for residential properties and unless your council allows, you can ask your security fencing provider to offer an alternative high-quality fencing solution.

Another factor that makes garrison not applicable to many premises is its cost. You should be ready to go deep into your pocket for this fencing type compared to other fencing solutions.

How Do You Know If Garrison Is Right For You?

There are certain important factors to consider before calling a fencing company for garrison. If the length of fencing you need is more than 400 you are better off with another type of fencing option like chain mesh as garrison can get crazy expensive.

If you have automatic gates you can consider garrison fencing since they are best suited for this. However, if your neighbors don’t have this type of gate and council regulations bar you from installing them then you’ll have to get another type of security fencing.

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