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Posted By on 02/17/2020



Health is a fundamental concept of living. Without health, there is nothing. The term “health” refers to a state where you are free from any kind of illness or injury. In 1948 and 1986, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health with respecting phrases and views. 

Dental braces can be known as braces, orthodontic circumstances or cases. Braces have been around for a very long term and are getting improved by the years. Therefore, the basic idea of braces to protect the teeth and keep them healthy remains the same. Braces are for you if you have one of the following problems such as unhealthy gums, gum recession, bone loss, other teeth complications. Although you can differentiate braces on account of teen braces and adult braces, the right time for putting up braces can be between 10-14 years of age when your teeth are more accessible to straightening. Adults also wear braces to correct their minor problems and to improve their smiles.

A good and healthy tooth also defines an individual's personality. A human being's priority should be his healthy teeth. It can be divided into good and bad aspects such as a healthy tooth or a bad tooth. A healthy diet, exercise, immunization for diseases, and self-constraint behavior can all enhance a person's dental health. So when we talk about physical health, dental health is one of the main things to ponder over. In this new world of today, taking care of your teeth is essential.

Although dental braces have changed over the years, still there are many misconceptions and myths regarding braces. So here are some five things no one tells you about braces for teens:

Types of Braces According to Your Type

Everyone has a unique type and taste. Many teenagers are not generally happy with their braces types and colors. One of the most important things to consider when having braces is it the state of your gums and jawbones. It is important to notice that you can select braces according to your choice. You also need to select your braces according to the cost it has. There are multiple types of braces that your orthodontist will have to offer. From that braces you can select what you like:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • lingual braces
  • Invisalign

Firstly, metal braces are one of the most common braces one has heard of. Over time, metal braces have introduced new heat-activated arch-wires. These wires use your body heat to help teeth recover and adjust more quickly. Ceramic braces are tooth-colored and clear brackets that help to blend in with your teeth. Lingual braces, on the other hand, are placed on the inside of the teeth and contain wires and brackets just like metal braces. Lastly, Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner. There are also some tooth-colored braces and goes well with your teeth color and looks less conspicuous.


They do not always hurt

It has been a misconception over the years that braces usually tend to hurt and cause a lot of pain. After you have mounted your braces, you might feel soreness or discomfort ranging from few days to few weeks. Your lips and cheeks will also require some time to adjust itself with the newly placed braces. The important thing to know is that braces contain wires. These special archwires are very light in nature, continuous and biologically tested to decrease any chances of soreness. Do not worry if you are facing any pain in the starting, as you can use pain killers to ease the discomfort. Also, with time the pain would be gone. So just do not worry.


You will have to make changes in your diet

Sweet tooth is not what always a person with braces prefers. Some food restrictions can be changed after some time. You can eat all the sweets you want, including creamy or milky eatables. On the other hand, some sweets that are crunchy, hard or sticking-to teeth should be avoided. The main reason to avoid it to take care of your braces, so it does not break your wires or pop-off. When it comes to your meal plan, you can avoid foods such as nuts, chips, ray vegetables, and chewing gums. You also need to avoid tough fruits, bars, and candies. Mostly, it can use liquid items such as soups, shakes, milk and juices to feel the smoothness.


Avoid playing instruments

For the initial stage, instruments are a non-go. One should avoid playing instruments because it requires your breath pressure. The breath pressure can cause your gums to pain and swell. After a few days or weeks of getting braces, you can play any instrument and will not even feel any change or discomfort. If you require to pay instruments, then the best option for you is metal braces. However, you might need some hours of practice to adjust with your breath and the movements while wearing braces.


Invisalign is not for everyone.

Invisalign is one of the most popular terms used for dental care. Invisalign are available for teens and adults only. Invisalign consists of 18-30 customized plastic aligners. These aligners can be removed easily and are placed every two weeks. One of the main features of the Invisalign is that it is transparent but is restricted to wear if you have serious dental problems. Invisalign can be a better option for teens, but it is expensive and can take longer to cure your dental problems. It is important to take notice that not every person is a candidate for Invisalign. Some people might still require to use traditional braces. If you are certain to choose Invisalign instead of other braces, consult with the doctor before what the most suitable one. You should understand the doctor's approach and suggestions before the treatment of beings.



Most of the teenagers do not wear their retainers and braces because they think it looks untrendy. It is important to consider that if you ignore your teeth' health, it may cause your teeth to become crooked again. Further complications can also involve jaw surgery. To avoid those complications, you need to take care of your braces.

Moreover, there are many right ways to deal with it that you can also get to know by reading blogs and consulting orthodontics. You can also ask questions or raise concerns if you want to know about any consequences that you are having after installing braces. Remember to take care and be gentle towards your braces. When your braces look shiny and clean, then it is worth the effort and patience.


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