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Posted By Mead Media on 11/20/2019

Explore Video Options for Business During a Free Mead Media Consultation

Explore Video Options for Business During a Free Mead Media Consultation

Scott Bidmead, director of Mead Media, known for hosting and producing global TV series has announced that the video production agency is offering free 30 minute strategy sessions. The consultations offer global brands and SMEs the opportunity to learn media hacks, content strategy tips and the opportunities available with creative film projects and communications campaigns.

Mead Media has earned a reputation as a premiere advertising agency that provides exceptional results that are also cost effective. The agency has worked with top brands from around the globe and during the free strategy session, individuals will receive advice, content ideas and learn about media hacks for any goal.

The corporate video production services Sydney tells client stories in creative and innovative ways. Mead Media combines a variety of traditional and digital methods in video production, advertising and public relations. Each custom project is designed to increase visibility, build brand awareness, and promote the client’s message.

This is an era in which video is an essential component of connecting with audiences online and off. Any video ad, commercial or film must capture the audience’s attention in the first five seconds or the message is lost. 

As one of the top advertising agencies Sydney, Mead Media is a master of accomplishing that with methods and techniques acquired over many years of experience, working with the likes of Jason Momoa, Margot Robbie and brands like the Commonwealth Games, China Tourism and Penfolds. 

The agency has extensive experience in producing TV shows for national networks and high-profile commercials that demand attention. Mead has worked with some of the most well-known companies in the TV and film industry. As communication and public relations experts, the advertising video production company is cognizant of the need to meet budgetary needs and time constraints.

Mead Media understands the psychology required in today’s marketing atmosphere to succeed. The free 30 minute strategy sessions offered by the agency will help individuals find direction and ideas that can be implemented to aid in acquiring new customers, retaining established clients, and ensuring any company’s message is one that will strongly resonate with audiences.

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