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Posted By ProMec Engineering Pty Ltd on 12/26/2019

Do You Require A Compressed Air Receiver Tank?

Do You Require A Compressed Air Receiver Tank?

An air storage tank is a cost-effective system addition that increases the efficiency of the other elements in the compressed air system. An air receiver tank, also known as an air storage tank, provides additional compressed air capacity for when requirement rises. An appropriately sized receiver can buffer the load on the air compressor and make the compressor from quick cycling. In short, a receiver tank preserves energy.

Many of us in the compressed air industry consider receiver tanks as both “wet” or “dry” air receiver tanks. Each of these tanks will store compressed air and include the capability of your system. A “wet air” receiver is set up upstream in the filters & dryer. In regarding storing compressed air a “wet air” receiver tank will even protect the filters and dryer from slugs of water which will arise if an upstream separator or drain does not work out. A “dry air” receiver tank enables the need to be drawn from the tank instead of subjecting the dryer to instant surges.

These surges can force the dryer beyond its graded capacity and affect dew point operation and pressure fall.

Clients usually inquire about how to measurement a receiver tank. An actual reply to that query truly depends on the points of the utilization. But a good principle is that a tank needs to be 1-3 gallons every SCFM of air system capability. Such as, if you have a 500 SCFM compressed air system you will probably require a receiver tank that’s among 500 and 1500 gallons.

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