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Posted By Drymaster Carpet Cleaning on 07/04/2018

Bring Your Couch Back to Life

Bring Your Couch Back to Life

Maintenance cleaning of your couch is essential to keeping it looking new, restoring its color, and preventing the buildup of harmful dust particles and allergens.

The fabric of your couch, whether upholstered or made with leather, collects dust, dirt, crumbs and other items that fall into the folds during regular use. They also absorb oils, acids, and perspiration from coming into close contact with your body on a regular basis.

All of that has the effect of making the material look dull and lifeless.  Leather furniture can also begin to crack and show signs of wear if not treated on a regular basis.

Finding a couch cleaner in Brisbane is relatively simple, especially if you know what to ask.  You have different cleaning options depending on whether your couch is upholstered or made of leather, so you’ll need to specify the material it is made of when you call for a quote.

Not all cleaning businesses will offer leather cleaning, but those that do generally do it similarly and the process is pretty straightforward.

Leather Couch Cleaning Services

1. The crew will inspect the couch to determine the exact type of leather material used before beginning the cleaning process.

2. They will remove the cushions and vacuum the base area to clear away any debris.

3. A soft cleaner will be used to clean and condition the leather.

4. If there are any nicks or scratches on the surface of the leather, they will be able to find a dye pen that can match the color of your couch and lightly fill in those areas.

5. Finally, they will end with a protective cream that helps prevent oils and acids from your skin from penetrating and soaking into the leather.

You have a few more options when it comes to cleaning upholstered couches, so you should find a service that offers a more extensive variety of methods to be sure they will have the one that is right for your furniture.

Upholstery Couch Cleaning Services

1. Dusting is the vacuuming of the entire piece to remove as much of the loose dirt and dust from the material as possible.

2. Dry cleaning uses a surface treatment spray to break down any dirt or stains that might be difficult to get out with just vacuuming.

3. Wet cleaning, the most popular method, also uses a treatment spray, but then very hot water is pushed into the fabric to loosen everything up and is then sucked out with a powerful wet vacuum.

The recommended frequency for cleaning varies between upholstered couches and leather.  Upholstered furniture should be cleaned every two to four years at a minimum.  Leather, on the other hand, should be cleaned two to four times every year to keep the leather from breaking down and keep it looking its best.

There are many couch cleaners Brisbane & upholstery cleaner Brisbane ready to service your furniture.  For leather couches, it probably won’t vary much among the service providers, so it will only be important that they do provide leather cleaning as an option.

If your couch is upholstered, you do have a few options to choose from, so selecting a service that offers multiple methods is your best choice.  They can determine which one to use when they test your fabric.

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