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Posted By on 02/12/2020

7 Reasons why you should consider a home doctor

7 Reasons why you should consider a home doctor

A reliable, convenient and proven option is to call a doctor at home. Reception at home can be considered a life-saving method of medical care. It is also important to remember that during illness, a person’s attention is reduced due to poor health, which increases the likelihood of injuries and dangerous situations outside the home. And calling a doctor helps to avoid such unnecessary risks. At home, you can not only get the advice of a specialist in a wide profile - but a therapist or a pediatrician also. Calling a doctor at home guarantees the most detailed study of symptoms, the correct diagnosis and the appointment of effective therapy.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a home doctor.

  1.  Individual approach to the patient

At a reception in any medical institution, the patient is one of the dozens of other visitors coming to the doctor one by one. It is no secret that to concentrate and pay enough attention to each not only even an experienced specialist. At the doctor’s appointment, other factors may also distract you, calls that didn’t look at another patient or staff at the right time. At home, no one is sure to interfere with the reception.

The second condition that helps the doctor at home to conduct a more complete examination is a break between patients. During the journey, the specialist is able not only to “switch” to the new patient but also to fully familiarize himself with the reason for the call to the house, the patient’s history. And this is an important factor affecting the outcome of treatment.

Today, highly specialized specialists come to the house with equipment and the ability to conduct research on-site. There is no need to wait, register in various rooms and return to the doctor with the results from the laboratories. In most cases, a full examination is carried out directly at the patient’s home in a short time, and this is also very important: the sooner the cause of the malaise is identified and the disease is established, the faster the patient recovers.

  1. Official medical records

An appointment by a home doctor in Sydney is not a private consultation of a friend, but an official visit of a specialist from a medical institution. So, at the doctor’s home visit, you can get the necessary certificates, open and close the sick-list (patient’s temporary disability sheet), confirm the disease and terms for the employer, or make a history of the disease for specialists of a different profile.

  1.  Infectious safety

When you visit the clinic, even a healthy person risks becoming infected. An increased number of pathogens of various infections in the air, communication with other patients is not the best environment for an ill or recovering person.

Contact with potentially infectious people cannot be avoided even in the most modern clinics with boxes for patients: many diseases have an asymptomatic period of virus or bacteria excretion. There are no signs of the disease, but the infection is spreading. Many infections are transmitted by airborne droplets, and you can get infected without even contacting people, for example, in the elevator or entrance of your own home. The immunity that protects us from such diseases is reduced during infections or exacerbations of diseases. So, it cannot promptly and effectively respond to a new pathogen.

Calling a doctor at home helps to protect the immune system from the unnecessary burdens of additional infections. When visiting the clinic, even if another disease or secondary infection does not start after visiting the clinic, the immune system will function less efficiently and recovery from the current disease will be delayed. Reception at home - insurance of the patient against additional infections.

  1.  The regimen is the basis of therapy

Everyone knows the way to recover faster, especially when it comes to flu and SARS. If you “catch” the disease at the very beginning and lie down for a couple of days, observing the doctor’s prescription, then you will be able to say goodbye to the virus much faster.

But if instead of a comfortable environment, timely nutrition, taking medications and drinking plenty of drinks, you have to go to the doctor’s office, then the trip itself can cause a violation of the treatment regimen and thereby make it difficult to restore health.

Any disease requires increased attention to the body. With the right balance of rest, sleep, timely medication, the disease recedes faster. And if the doctor comes home, then following the regimen is much easier, which means that recovery is faster.

  1.  Patient comfort

A doctor’s appointment in a comfortable home environment is significantly different from visiting an office in a clinic. Stress on the way, in public places, the need for increased concentration of attention and the hospital environment itself are factors that require wasting resources of the body. And the body requires all the forces during the illness, including emotional ones.

The help of a doctor at home is especially needed if the patient is not very mobile. Difficulties with independent movement significantly worsen the condition, if you need to go somewhere to get medical care.

Reception at home helps to avoid unnecessary worries and anxieties. Without fuss, nervousness, and fatigue, forces recover faster: the absence of stressful situations reduces the recovery time by almost 50%!

  1.  Time is an important factor

When you call a doctor at home, you do not need to make an appointment with a specialist and wait for an appointment. There is no need to fill out papers, choose a convenient time for reception from limited options. Going or going to the clinic, waiting in line at the office and then getting home is also not necessary. And all this is saving not only time but also the most precious resource - health.

  1.  Always in touch

How often after taking a doctor, important details are suddenly recalled or questions arise about prescribing medications, reactions to them, or the appearance of new symptoms! Outside the walls of the office, the doctor is unavailable, but calling a specialist at home allows you to receive additional medical support. After a visit, the doctor can answer the questions that have arisen by telephone, which means you don’t have to guess, wait for the next visit to the clinic, and this also significantly speeds up recovery. You can even consider home health care for a loved one or an elderly.


Every person living on planet Earth seeks to monitor their health. But, unfortunately, this does not always work out. When a person is sick from time to time with a particular disease, the first thing he does is go to the clinic for professional medical help. The solution to this problem is the “Doctor at home” service.




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