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Posted By Computer Repair Brisbane on 11/14/2019

5 reasons why Windows 10 is a great choice for gamers

Gaming is on the rise, and Microsoft took note of this when developing Windows 10.

Windows has traditionally been a preferred operating system for gamers, but with the introduction of Windows 8, there were some grumbles.

Thankfully Windows have taken note of this, and ensured that Windows 10 is a great option for gamers. This is a clever move, as increasing amounts of people consider gaming to be a top consideration when choosing a computer and operating system.

Here are the 5 biggest reasons to buy windows 10 oem license if you’re looking for a premium operating system for gaming.

Graphics Driver

Since Windows 10 was launched, Microsoft have tweaked and improve the product, turning it into the powerhouse operating system it is today. With such popular use the world over, it’s no surprise that Windows 10 has become the standard for graphics drivers.

Manufacturers now develop their products on and for the Windows 10 operation system, and as any gamer would know, having the best graphics driver is important for game play.

Faster boot time

While it might not the most significant reason to use Windows 10 as a gamer, we know that time is of the essence, and when you want to game, you don’t want delays. Windows 10 boots up significantly faster than Windows 7, even faster than with 8 and 8.1. So, if you need your gaming hit quick a simple windows 10 oem key purchase could be all you need.

DirectX 12

With DirectX 12, developers have been able to boast stunning graphics for Windows games.  DirectX 12 was launched on Windows 10 and has been embraced as a massive benefit to the gaming community. DirectX itself is software that talks to your hardware components and DirectX 12 brings Microsoft up to the top of the pack, allowing for richness of visuals, while freeing up the main processer by leaning on your graphics chip.


On all performance measures and framerates, Windows 10 improves on its predecessors, making for an improved gaming experience. Those on Windows 7 or earlier will notice a significant difference in performance improvement. If you’re on an older Windows operating system and want to get the most out of your gaming, don’t hesitate to buy windows 10 oem license – they’re available at significantly better prices than full retail versions.

Further optimising options for gamers

Windows 10 has a game mode, with built in optimisation for gaming.  Press Windows key + I, search for “game mode” the you can select “Control Game Mode for optimising your PC for games”. From here, you can switch Game Mode on.  Of course, those with more time can run their own optimisations, customising windows for their gaming experience.  Some other available gaming optimisations you can easily implement include:

-adjusting visual effects

-disabling Nagle’s Algorithm

-creating/changing the power plan

-disable automatic update and restart

-prevent Steam from downloading during gameplay

Gamers paradise on Windows 10

For all these reasons and more, if you’re a gamer after the best set up out there, you can’t go past Windows 10.  Best of all, CDKOffers provide cost effective options, making it easier to upgrade your operating system than ever before. If you’re a gamer looking to buy windows 10 oem license for improved gaming capabilities, don’t hesitate to get your windows 10 oem key purchase made today, you won’t regret it.



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